Tuesday, August 23, 2011

when in Rome, or New York

I'm lucky that my company offers summer hours, which translates to half-day Fridays. Holla! If you know me, you know I really can't pull that off...anyway...Last Friday I finally made it to Obika, a mozzarella bar in Manhattan that opened over a couple years ago. The menu is designed so that you can create a meal around one (or all three!) of their mozzarellas (Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, to be exact). I opted for only one mozzarella (decent size that--when combined with vegetables or meat of the Italian variety--can easily be considered a meal or can be shared as an appetizer) with grilled vegetables and pesto. The mozzarella was light and slightly sweet, and for a few moments eating it made me feel as though I was spending a summer day in Rome, and not a summer Friday in midtown.

Half-day Fridays were made for this...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

where it all begins

A few weeks ago, while on vacation in Seattle, at the suggestion of my husband's boss, we went to Le Panier. While we weren't given the name of the bakery, we were told 1) it was located in Pike Place Market, near the original Starbucks, and 2) it sold the most amazing croissants. Um, say no more, I'm on it!

So after mistaking (and taking pictures of) a random Starbucks for the original (for the record, it was located just outside of the market and anyone could have made that mistake), my husband and I spotted the bakery. As we stood in line, I struggled over whether to get my favorite--almond croissant--or to go with chocolate, which I started to crave when I saw it. Decisions!! I approached the counter slightly stressed, but also ready to ask for one of each (it's what you do when you're on vacation). That's when I spotted 'Chocolatine'. "What's Chocolatine?" I wondered and immediately asked. "It's chocolate and almond cream," the woman answered. I couldn't believe what I was hearing... "Uh, yes, I'll have a Chocolatine, please." 

To borrow a line from Fools Rush In (none of that is a typo), it was what I never knew I always wanted. And NOW I can't stop thinking about it and wondering what else may be out there that combines what I love most (perferrably, though not necessarily in a flaky pastry). 

What surprise food combinations made your day?